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za Po január 13, 2020 1:09 pm

The news of TB Joshua’s prophecy concerning the death of the ‘King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson, is still reverberating around the society. Another article in National Daily tells of the remarkable prophetic message… How T.B Joshua predicted Michael Jackson’s death • Begged Tee Mac to bring MJ to Nigeria • Jackson family informed about prediction. • Marlon Jackson invites Tee Mac to burial. • Tee Mac blames self for not acting fast enough.THE death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson which occurred on the 25th of June 2009 was predicted by Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue of All Nations Church Trend’tainment can authoritatively reveal. Trend’tainment gathered that Prophet Joshua had called Tee Mac, the immediate past president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) on during his birthday celebration on June 12 and informed him to bring Michael Jackson to Nigeria. According to Tee Mac who met Michael Jackson in 1974 while in an office that shared a building with the Quincy Jones Foundation in the United States, then, he confirmed that Pastor Joshua did inform him before hand. “On June 12 I went to the Synagogue to wish him happy birthday and played some flute for the guests, but the Man of God did not come down to the party. He called me up to his private office. There we discussed the PMAN problem and he told me to bring through Marlon Jackson, Michael to Nigeria. He stated that Michael needs urgent help, medical and deliverance. I replied that Michael has just passed a medical test before the events managers would sign him for the 50 shows, but Prophet T.B. Joshua insisted that Michel must come to Nigeria to the Synagogue for treatment and that this was a very serious situation,” he said. Tee Mac went on to say that he spoke with Marlon Jackson, Michael’s elder brother, concerning the issue but dwelt more on a business concern he had with Marlon. “I spoke with Marlon a day later with regards to delaying his coming to Nigeria because the MOU with the Lagos State Government on a project he was handling in Nigeria was not ready and mentioned T.B. Joshua’s request. But he stated that Michael is rehearsing. I left it like that,” he explained. On the 14th of June, Prophet T.B Joshua, who had earlier predicted the Afghanistan earthquake, the New York plane that crash landed in the Hudson River early in the year as well as the death of the former South Korea Prime Minister, told the congregation about the impending death of the pop star. Tee Mac said he was shocked when the news of Michael Jackson’s death was announced and got more shocker when he went to the Synagogue church the next Sunday only to have the video of the prophesy played to him. “The following Sunday the Man of God told his congregation in the Synagogue that the following week one of the world’s top stars shall pass away. I was not in the Synagogue that Sunday but the following Sunday, after Michael passed away, I saw the video played back to me. I went on Sunday the 28th of June to the Synagogue three days after MJ’s death to speak to the congregation and give a testimony to the fact T.B. Joshua had predicted Michael’s death and that I did not act fast enough or could not influence the family to send him to Nigeria. Michael died on Thursday the 25th of June and on Friday morning T.B. Joshua called me and just stated that he had seen on the death of Michael and tried to tell me to do my best to bring him for healing. I am still absolutely shocked about the whole incident. Tee Mac informed that he has called he called Marlon to render his sympathy and he invited him to come for the funeral of which he would leave fly to the U.S today.

SOURCE: National Daily

TB Joshua je známy prorok. Má na konte mnoho zázrakov, uzdravení a vyslobodení z rôznych poviazaností. Mám i skúsenosť jednej známej, ktorá bola v BA, keď tu bol jeho tím. ...To sa diali veci.

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za Po január 13, 2020 7:59 pm
jackovu smrt predpovedali aj všetky bulvárne média lol!
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